If you are a plant-based or vegan health coach struggling to book clients we want to help! We know how hard it is to run a thriving online business in this saturated market we call the internet, but it is also the absolute best way to get your ideal clients. Because although there are many plant-based health coaches out there, you are unique and have something to offer that no-one else does. Whether you are an athlete that wants to help other athletes increase their performance through a plant-based diet, a mom who wants to help other moms lose the baby weight the healthy way, or a teacher who is passionate about teaching others how to cook delicious vegan meals, you are unique and there are clients out there that NEED your services.

In order to reach your idea clients you are going to need to create a sales funnel that looks like this:

  • Create a facebook group for your target market to join where they can get started on a plant based diet and get support from you and others. (helps establish expertise and begins to create relationships with people).
  • facebook ads to get people to join your group.
  • A free gift and facebook ads to get people sign up to receive their free gift (they will be added to your email list).
  • A webinar and Facebook ad to get people to sign up for your webinar (and email list).
  • Using your group, email newsletter, and webinar to get people to sign up for a free call.
  • Getting people who sign up for your free call to sign up for your signature program.
  • Getting people who go through your signature program to sign up as one-on-one coaching clients.

We are here to help you every step of the way or to support you during certain steps of the process. Here are our services and how we can help:

Setting up your website including:

  • Registering your domain name
  • Setting up your hosting
  • Creating your site on wordpress.org
  • Using our theme to create a beautiful website with a functional homepage, Blog, Recipe Index Page, About me page, email sign up form, contact me form, and scheduler.
  • Using Leadpages to create beautiful and functional landing pages, registration pages, sales pages, thank you pages, free-gift opt-in pages.

Helping you design and create your signature program:

  • Defining your target market
  • Deciding the goal of the program
  • Duration of the program- 30 days or 8 weeks
  • Live or pre-recorded?
  • Video or audio?
  • Designing content for the program
  • Creating and editing videos
  • Creating documents and resources to go with the program

Help with Facebook:

  • Setting up your facebook page and facebook group, including designing a custom header image.
  • Creating and managing facebook ads

Creating a free gift:

  • Using our template you can design a beautiful, custom document that you can give out as a free gift as an incentive for people to sign up for your newsletter.
  • We provide the template and then help you customize it to make it uniquely yours by using your words, colors, and photos.

Webinar Design:

  • Using our template you can design a beautiful, custom webinar presentation to help market and sell your program more effectively and grow your email list.
  • We provide the template and then help you customize it to make it uniquely yourse by using your words, colors, and photos.

Webinar Automation Setup:

  • We help you get started with running your webinars through a webinar platform (gotowebinar, easywebinar, zoom, etc.)
  • We help you create registration pages, thank you pages, and email automation for your webinars.
  • We help you learn and get comfortable with using the software so your webinars are run effectively and effortlessly.
  • Webinars can be set up to be run live or automated to be run recorded.

Why pick us?

  1. We don’t just tell you what to do and then leave you hanging like most programs do, we actually do a lot of the work for you and hold your hand through the stuff you want to do on your own. We also know that there are many options and no one way fits all method and we walk you through the options that you have during each step.
  2. Our templates and programs are specifically designed for vegan and plant-based health coaches and being vegan ourselves, we know A LOT about your field and are just as passionate as you are about helping people transition to this amazing lifestyle.

Questions? Want to learn more? Contact us!