Here at Vegan Virtual Assistants we believe that the best person to market your business is YOU! So we are not here to tell you how to sell your business, you already know how to do that. We are here to help you focus, design a plan, and create the tools that you need to help you market your business in a more efficient, honest, authentic way that stays true to your mission and goal. We also believe that with some smart planning, design, and implementation, marketing your business does not have to cost a ton of money, and can even be free. We want to make marketing fun and easy for you. Here are some of the ways we can help with that:

Social Media Marketing for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and LinkedIn:

  • Setting up and customizing social network profiles and pages.
  • Creating your custom social media marketing schedule- what to post, when to post, how often to post
  • Social Media Auditing
  • Social Media Management and Scheduling
  • Social Media graphic creation
  • Social Media list growing plan design and implementation
  • Monitoring and responding to social media comments
  • Youtube video editing and posting

Email Marketing:

  • Setting up your email marketing program: mailchimp, constant contact, Aweber, ect.
  • Integrating your email client with your website and other apps/programs.
  • Creating and designing your email template
  • Creating daily/weekly/monthly newsletters
  • Designing, tracking, reporting on specific email marketing campaigns
  • Email automation- welcome emails, thank you emails, follow up emails

Sales Pages and sales funnels:

  • Designing landing pages and sales pages for your class, program, webinar, promotion.
  • Designing, creating, and implementing sales funnels to help you effectively sell your services.

Facebook Ads:

  • Create offers that make your customers want more
  • Developing enticing offers to get the highest clickthrough rates
  • Target audience research
  • Designing high impact graphics for your advertisements
  • Writing compelling ad copy that will keep potential customers reading
  • Ensuring your ad graphics and copy meet Facebook’s strict ad standards
  • Generating custom audiences based on your existing client email list
  • Generating “lookalike” and other demographically targeted audiences
  • Identifying ideal customers for what your business offers, and targeting them with specific ads
  • Setting up and monitoring ad campaigns
  • Optimizing with Landing pages and funnels
  • Optimizing ads based on performance data
  • Analyzing reporting data to determine which ads are working best for your business and which formats should be used again in future